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"I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet." ~ Gandhi

What a brilliant thing ... I have been awakened to the simple and possibly un-elegant ways of not taking 'on' the energies and emotions and otherness of people and things around me [so much. let's face it ... i'll slip. but will you remind me? ;].

One was imparted to me by The Divine Sweetness that is Sarah and it involves a 'vomit bucket' ... when there is dumping and spewing and unloading going on from one or many ... place the bucket in front of them, smooth back their hair and just let them spew! ... clean and rinse and replace bucket as necessary.

See? Un-elegant but it works :) This I can do!

The second one came as i read and responded to the Gandhi quote ... not only do not not allow dirty feet in your mind ... but insist they take thier shoes off as well before entering. There will be no stomping around. Put on soft slippers, and better yet, SIT!! and be still with me or I will have to ask you to leave [my mind] ...

Ah yes ...

Being a mother, after all [shush up!;] the nurturing ideal comes more easily to me than all the orbs and globes and boxes ... [no offense to those that these things do work for. after all, we all have to find what works in supreme vibration to our own selves be true ... :-*] Well, and let's face it, while I'm at it ... I am genetically engineered as 'caretaker' and 'nurturer' and to provide soft-blanket-body/soul/mind-comfort ... so ... might as well run with it, I am deciding.

Turning an old leaf into what looks mighty new as well and going renegade and rogue. Being undeniably myself and while it might not look professional I AM. :)

Peace to you all for a comfortable New Year with Bliss and Happiness and Health and whatever else brings you to the knees of Rowdy Bliss.

Stay in Touch! Namaste ... Gayle


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