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A Formula For The Holding Pattern

Well, staring at this blank page tells you ... yeah, restless. Restless, antsy and feeling a lack of focus. There has been lots of talk regarding the astrological trend at the moment, this being of one of waiting for the shoes to drop and of filling up to the brim while waiting for release.

The release is on it's way starting the end of February, so I am told, but really kicking in in March and April. Big things afoot.

I feel the filling up but I do not feel ready for the release ... i find myself wanting the questions answered before I even know what they are. Anxious much?? ... and this has been showing in my sleep or restless lack thereof.

I woke before my alarm this morning with a start and while I wanted to go back to sleep was moved along to meditate and make an essence formula stat. So, with pendulum and book and a simple wish to help me thru this cycle with the best chance of learning the lesson, I was given this:

Bach: Impatiens
Pegasus: Granite
Alaskan: Tundra Rose, White Spruce, Polar Ice [environmental] and Orange Calcite [gem]

and it wanted Coral [Pegasus] as well which i do not have, so I asked if I could wear coral instead and received and enthusiastic 'yes'.
*[P.S. I use the pendulum mostly for myself when choosing essences due to a lack of objectivity. [The ultimate in nepotism!] Whenever I feel too involved with someone I will turn to the pendulum for universal clarity]*

The breakdown of these follows ...

~ Red Coral: "Can stimulate the metabolism that can create emotional balance with ability to better express what one wants to accomplish." [] ... a Libra vibration! Balance! and we are talking root chakra big time ... "Helps one to be in harmony with the natural forces of the universe and with the wilderness, aligns one with the source of all wisdom. It opens and activates the Base/Root Chakra, stimulating the energetic pursuits. It can be used for protection against depression and despondency." [raven crystals]

~ Granite: Heightens regenerative properties. Yin/Yang/subtle body balancing by alignment of spinal column.

~ Polar Ice: "An essence of transition and the completion of cycles; for achieving a more patient understanding of the subtleties of time; helps us stay present in a place of pure waiting, with no anticipation of what it to come." [alaskan essences]

~ Orange Calcite: "Amplifies the body's ability to assimilate light at the cellular level; uplifting, energizing and warming; dispels darkness and grief."

~ Tundra Rose:"Restores hope, courage and inspiration to those who have much to offer but are close to giving up ..."

~ White Spruce:"Grounds spiritual wisdom into the body; helps us bring logic, intuition and emotion together into unified action in the present moment."

~ Impatiens: For exactly what you would think ... impatience! and the frustration and irritability associated with it.

A formula for restlessness while in a holding pattern and the antsy-ness plus despondency associated with it. To bring alignment, balance, and calming as well metabolic stimulation during a [this!] cycle of waiting.